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Documentary #1
Operation Discovery

The Bigfoot Research Center attempt the once impossible! The set up and monitoring of a remote camera system in the High Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest during a winter snow storm. WHY? You may ask? Simply put, "That is when they move" states the Director of the Bigfoot Research Center. "Well, actually migrate. They seem to move quickly to lower elevations usually during the evening probably to avoid detection."

During this latest video release the BRC demonstrate the incredible adaptability of their secret weapon The Cellular Field Surveillance System now upgraded with both audio vocalization and fragrance attractant broadcasting. The team feels they now posses the ultimate Bigfoot monitoring system. "Human presence and contamination has always been a real problem with Bigfoot field research. I think we have eliminated 99% of that with this new system." "After set up we can monitor and run our stations from our base camp sometimes miles away," states the Co-Director.

The cameras have also been beefed up for advert weather operation, a feature very important for this type of research. "Our new system was field tested during our Canada 2010 Expedition and performed well." After a few equipment adjustments for all weather performance and several upgrades for vocalizing and attracting, we feel we now have the ultimate Bigfoot research monitoring stations that operate in complete stealth without human contamination. This is the best chance to date at capturing Bigfoot activity day or night in some of the most remote study sites located.

Video Synopsis:

The Bigfoot Research Center releases their 6th Sasquatch research documentary.

Join the BRC as they take you on three different research expeditions which include:
British Columbia Canada Cariboo Mountains (Expedition Notes)
Washington States Northern Cascade Mountains
Washington States Olympic Queets River Rainforest

The BRC organization has developed the research industries most advanced remote video and audio monitoring system. A system that was designed to be installed and operated anywhere using stealth and all weather mode capabilities. The Cellular Field Surveillance System provides both HD video and 5.1 Dolby audio recorded data day or night via cellular technology. The system involves multiple camera sites that also have the ability to broadcast both vocalizations and fragrance attractants instantly and remotely with the push of a button from the teams base camp miles away.  Once in place this incredible system is capable of operating without human presence and contamination.

Over 60 minutes.

Documentary #2
Sasquatch of Canada

For the first time ever, the Bigfoot Research Center travel to the secluded mountains of British Columbia Canada in search for Sasquatch. This incredible video documentary chronicles the one week expedition into several isolated locations bringing back startling new evidence. Several eye witness reports are investigated bringing investigators and trackers closer than ever before.

Observe the setup and operation of the teams latest video and audio monitoring system, a system that utilizes cellular technology for live recording. Witness the collection of authentic field evidence, and observe the results of the analysis.

This rare documentary will convince the disbelievers and astound the skeptics that a real and living unknown primate still inhabits North America.

Documentary also contains:

* Night time vocalizations caught on the teams monitoring system.
* Over 90 minutes of compelling research during the most intense expedition in the teams history.
* Trackers pursuing creatures several miles through the rugged old growth forests of British Columbia.
* Observe researchers casting Sasquatch footprints for analysis.
* Much more..

Over 90 minutes.

Documentary #3
Operation: In Depth

The Bigfoot Research Center go far into the interior of the Olympic Mountains bringing back incredible research footage. This rare video documentary chronicles the search for Bigfoot / Sasquatch in the rugged Olympic Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Witness the incredible footage the Bigfoot Research Center recorded as they hiked deeper and higher into the Olympics during the early fall of 2008. Several expeditions prove the theory of a "Sasquatch migration route" that leads trackers from the high elevations to the rainforest lowlands.

Witness incredible footage of the team tracking an unknown primate and eventually catching up and getting amazing footage never before seen. Witness skilled wildlife trackers close in on, and film their progress in a move to prove the existance of Bigfoot. 

Become a believer, order today. Running time is approximately 60 minutes. 

Documentary #4
Sasquatch of the Olympic Mountains: Evidence Revealed

The Bigfoot Research Center present their third documentary.
Three distinct study sites are the teams focus in the Olympic Mountains; they include the Quinault, Queets, and the Hoh Rainforest Valleys. Witness the incredible footage recorded in High Definition of the Pacific Northwest Rainforest.

Documentary also includes:

* Mysterious rock pilings
* Tree twist offs
* Fresh foot prints tracked of a creature along a deep creek bottom
* Interesting photos caught on our remote night vision cameras
* Located nest sites
* Creatures tracked through the rugged old growth forests
* Much more..

Thank you for your support. Filmed in HD for clarity. Can be played on any PC or DVD player. Color. 60 minutes.

Documentary #5
In Pursuit of the Olympic Rainforest Sasquatch

Does Washington state's Olympic Rainforest conceal an unknown primate? Our team, the Bigfoot Research Center, after much field research concluded, "yes." After three years of research, the Bigfoot Research Center presented "In Pursuit of the Olympic Rainforest Sasquatch".

This documentary was filmed during a fascinating three year study. The study sites are located in three distinct rainforest valleys in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. Come along as this Sasquatch/Bigfoot research group chronicle the expeditions from the Hoh, Queets and Quinault Rainforest valleys.

Watch members of the BRC attempt to track down and observe these incredible creatures within a unique and pristine rainforest environment. At one point in the documentary, members believe they get within 25 feet of a Sasquatch feeding in the lush vegetation of a creek bed. Excitement builds as mysterious wood knocking begins and later unknown whooping-type screams are heard from a second nearby creature. This documentary is filled with visual graphics, topographic maps, beautiful scenes and informative data.

Documentary also includes:

* Foot Print Photos
* Hand Print Photos
* Audio/Video of Unknown Screams
* Wood Knocking
* Sasquatch Feeding Site
* The entire ''Wedekind Creek Footage''
* Much more...

100% Digital video cameras recorded everything and they bring it all home to you in 5.1 dolby digital sound. This compelling documentary is a must have to anyone interested in the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomenon. Order Today and become a believer.

Running time is approximately 60 minutes.

Documentary #6
On the Track of the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch

Join the Bigfoot Research Center as they conduct extensive field research within Washington State's Olympic Mountains! Experience the beauty and mystery surrounding Washington State's Olympic Peninsula and a Rainforest as unique as the creature that inhabits it.

Documentary includes:

* Sasquatch Tracks
* Sasquatch Hand and Fist Impressions
* Hair Sample (Authenticated by Dr. Henner Ferenbach Oregon State Primate Research Center)
* Possible Sasquatch Droppings
* Night Vocalization Recordings
* Remote Camera Deployment and Collecting
* Exciting Night Vision Expedition Footage
* Possible Video and Images of Sasquatch
* Other Pacific Northwest Wildlife
* Bill Asmussen Bigfoot Art
* Much Much More...

Running time is approximately 60 minutes.

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DVD #1 On the Track of the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch & In Pursuit of the Olympic Rainforest Sasquatch. Fullscreen format.
DVD #2 Sasquatch of the Olympic Mountains & Operation in Depth. Widescreen format.
DVD #3 Sasquatch of Canada & Operation Discovery. Widescreen format.
16" Cast of The Queets Rainforest Bigfoot.
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