All footprint casts are made using strong reinforced dental stone and include a full color laminated information card describing the footprints discovery and background. Orders are shipped priority with insurance and tracking included. For your convenience, please use the appropriate US/International option Paypal checkout button for your order. Thank you for supporting our research efforts.

Olympic Mountains, Washington State - 16" Cast (Upper Queets River) ...Most Popular...
$75.00 plus shipping (Includes DVD Documentary Operation Discovery & Sasquatch of Canada)

Cascade Mountains, Washington State 18" Cast (North Cascades Mount Terror)
$75.00 plus shipping (Includes DVD Documentary Sasquatch of the Olympic Mountains & Operation In Depth)

British Columbia, Canada - 16" Cast (Chilko Lake) ...Out of Stock...
$75.00 plus shipping (Includes DVD Documentary Sasquatch of Canada & Operation Discovery)


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